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The Smiths have become a legendary name in the music world. Synonymous with the 'Madchester' music scene of the 1980s, the band has left an indelible mark on the music landscape and continues to influence today's musicians. Formed in 1982 in Manchester, England, the group consists of Morrissey (vocals), Johnny Marr (guitar), Andy Rourke (bass) and Mike Joyce (drums).Their unique style of post-punk and indie rock combined with Morrissey's witty, melancholic and politically charged lyrics created a sound that resonated with many, and propelled The Smiths to the forefront of the alternative music scene. Despite the band's brief existence, they managed to record four studio albums - The Smiths (1984), Meat is Murder (1985), The Queen is Dead (1986) and Strangeways, Here We Come (1987).Since their disbandment in 1987, The Smiths have become an influential and much-loved part of the music world.

This article will take a look at The Smiths' story, their music and their lasting legacy. The Smiths formed in Manchester in 1982 and consisted of lead vocalist Morrissey, guitarist Johnny Marr, bassist Andy Rourke and drummer Mike Joyce. The band’s sound was a unique blend of guitar-driven pop and rock with Morrissey’s distinctive baritone vocals. Their first single, “Hand in Glove”, was released in May 1983 and established The Smiths as a major force in alternative music. Over the course of the next four years, the band released four studio albums - The Smiths (1984), Meat Is Murder (1985), The Queen Is Dead (1986) and Strangeways Here We Come (1987).

They also released a number of singles and compilations, including “How Soon Is Now?”, “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” and “Girlfriend in a Coma”.The Smiths were a major influence on the Madchester music scene of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Bands like The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays were heavily influenced by The Smiths’ sound and style. Morrissey’s lyrics also resonated with many fans in Manchester, as he wrote about topics like alienation and outsiderdom. The Smiths disbanded in 1987 due to internal tensions between Morrissey and Marr.

Since then, Morrissey has gone on to have a successful solo career while Marr has collaborated with numerous other artists. However, The Smiths remain one of the most influential bands to come out of Manchester.

Members of The Smiths

The Smiths were an English rock band from Manchester, England. The band included Morrissey on vocals, Johnny Marr on guitar, Andy Rourke on bass, and Mike Joyce on drums. All four members contributed to the band's sound and songwriting. Morrissey was the vocalist and primary lyricist for the band.

His unique voice and biting lyrics made him an iconic figure in the 80s music scene. Johnny Marr was the guitarist and primary songwriter for The Smiths. His jangly, melodic playing style was a major component of the group's sound. Andy Rourke provided the bass for the group.

His melodic bass lines created a strong foundation for The Smiths' sound. Finally, Mike Joyce provided the drums for The Smiths. His steady beat and skilled drumming helped to propel the band's songs. The combination of Morrissey's vocals, Johnny Marr's guitar playing, Andy Rourke's bass lines, and Mike Joyce's drumming created a unique sound that has been copied by many other bands since. The Smiths were an important influence on Madchester music, and their influence can still be heard today.

Legacy of The Smiths

The Smiths had a huge impact on the Madchester music scene, and their influence can still be seen today.

Their unique sound and witty lyrics, combined with Morrissey's strong vocal presence, made them stand out from the other bands of the era. The Smiths were responsible for creating the genre of 'jangle pop', which combined elements of punk and indie rock with melodic acoustic guitars. The band also had a strong influence on other Madchester bands such as The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays and Inspiral Carpets. These bands took the punk energy and indie attitude of The Smiths and put their own spin on it, creating the unique Madchester sound. Many of these bands would go on to achieve mainstream success, and The Smiths' influence can be heard in their music. Morrissey's lyrics resonated with many fans due to his wit and clever wordplay.

His lyrics dealt with topics such as love, loneliness, heartbreak and politics, which struck a chord with many listeners. His words inspired generations of fans, and his influence can still be seen in the music of modern bands. The Smiths are often referred to as one of the most influential bands in British music history. They helped to define the Madchester sound and paved the way for many other successful bands in the genre. They also had a huge influence on Morrissey's solo career, which continues to this day.

Popular Songs by The Smiths

The Smiths released several timeless singles during their career, some of which are still popular today.

“Hand in Glove” was the band’s debut single, released in 1983. It is a song about a couple’s strong bond and was an early indication of the band’s themes of love and relationships. Another classic track by The Smiths is “How Soon Is Now?”, which was released in 1984. The song was the band’s most successful single, reaching the top 30 of the UK Singles Chart. The song is often considered to be one of the most influential rock songs of all time. Other popular songs by The Smiths include “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” and “Girlfriend in a Coma”. These two songs were released in 1984 and 1987 respectively, and both reached the top 10 of the UK Singles Chart.

Both songs are still beloved today, with “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” often cited as an inspiration for the Madchester music scene.

History of The Smiths

The Smiths were an English rock band from Manchester, England, active from 1982 to 1987. Formed by singer Morrissey, guitarist Johnny Marr, bassist Andy Rourke and drummer Mike Joyce, the band released four studio albums and twelve singles during their five-year tenure. The Smiths' distinct musical sound combined jangling guitar riffs, poetic lyrics, and Morrissey's distinctive voice. Their debut album, The Smiths, was released in 1984 to critical acclaim and commercial success.

The album featured their classic singles “This Charming Man” and “What Difference Does It Make?”. Their second album Meat Is Murder (1985) was also well-received, peaking at No. 1 on the UK Albums chart. The album spawned the singles “How Soon Is Now?” and “That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore”.

Their third studio album The Queen Is Dead (1986) is widely regarded as one of the greatest albums of all time. It featured the singles “Bigmouth Strikes Again” and “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out”. The band's fourth and final album Strangeways, Here We Come was released in 1987, shortly before the band split. The Smiths' influence on Madchester music is undeniable.

Their jangly guitar riffs and poetic lyrics inspired many of the bands that emerged during the Madchester scene, such as The Stone Roses, The Happy Mondays, and Inspiral Carpets. Even today, their influence is still felt in the Manchester music scene. The Smiths were an influential English rock band from Manchester whose music and lyrics left a lasting impact on the Madchester music scene. Comprised of four studio albums and twelve singles, The Smiths are remembered for their memorable songs and their legacy continues to live on. Despite disbanding in 1987, The Smiths remain one of the most beloved bands to come out of Manchester.

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