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Krysko is a Manchester-based DJ and producer who has been at the forefront of the Madchester music scene for more than a decade. He has released a wealth of music on both independent and major labels, and is known for his distinct style that blends elements of both house and techno. In addition to his work as a producer, Krysko is also an accomplished DJ, playing shows all over the world. His sets are always filled with energy and excitement, and he consistently pushes the boundaries of what is possible in electronic music.

Krysko is sure to be one of the most influential figures in the Madchester music scene for years to come.


is a Madchester DJ and producer who has become a mainstay of the local music scene. His career has seen a steady rise to prominence and he has had a lasting impact on the Madchester scene. He is known for his eclectic taste in music, blending genres of house, garage, and techno, as well as exploring new sounds. His production style is often characterized by heavy basslines, breakbeat percussion, and an overall driving energy. Krysko's career began in the early 2000s when he started producing and DJing in Manchester's underground clubs.

He quickly gained recognition for his unique style and was soon being booked for events all around the city. His reputation grew as he began to collaborate with other like-minded producers and released his own tracks on a variety of labels. Krysko's sound has had an influence on a number of other Madchester DJs and producers, including Mike Pickering, Graeme Park, and Luke Unabomber. His tracks have been played at clubs all over the world and have featured on prominent compilations such as Fabric's 'Fabriclive' series. He has also released several mix albums, including 'Krysk Presents: All Night Long' and 'Krysk Presents: The Best Of Madchester'.Krysko has been involved in a number of projects outside of DJing and production.

In recent years he has become increasingly involved with the local music scene, setting up his own label and helping to promote up-and-coming talent. He has also worked with charities such as War Child to help raise funds for those affected by conflict. Krysko is a key figure in the Madchester scene and his influence can be felt both in the music he produces and in the events he plays at. He is an important part of the city's musical heritage and is an inspiration to many aspiring DJs and producers.

Krysko's Music

Krysko is a Madchester DJ and producer who is renowned for producing innovative, genre-defying music. His discography includes a wide range of releases, from the single “Roots” to the album “Passionate Minds”.

Krysko's music incorporates elements of techno, house, and trance, as well as influences from jazz, hip-hop, and classical music. Krysko's songwriting process is heavily improvised and often involves creating an instrumental track from scratch. He is known to use a variety of instruments, from synths to drum machines, as well as samples from other musicians. He has also collaborated with several notable artists, including Goldie, Dillinja, and Photek.

Krysko's most popular releases include the singles “Roots” and “Electricity”, which both reached the top 10 on the UK dance charts. He has also released several albums, including “Passionate Minds” and “Night Watch”. Both albums showcase Krysko's unique blend of electronic and organic sounds. Krysko has become a mainstay of the Madchester scene and is highly respected for his innovative production techniques.

His music has been featured in clubs around the world and continues to be enjoyed by fans of all genres.

Krysko's Impact on the Scene

Krysko has been a major influence in the Madchester scene since their debut in the late 2000s. Their innovative sound and unique production style have made them a standout amongst other DJs and producers in the area. They have collaborated with many other Madchester artists, helping to shape the sound of the genre.

Their music has been featured in film and television soundtracks, and they have won numerous awards for their work. Krysko has also been credited with helping to popularize the Madchester genre. Their music was featured on radio shows and music blogs, and their live shows were highly praised for their unique sound. They often collaborate with other local acts, helping to promote and spread the Madchester sound to a wider audience. Krysko has also been instrumental in introducing new producers and DJs to the Madchester scene, introducing fresh ideas and sounds. Krysko's influence in the Madchester scene has been widely recognized, as evidenced by their numerous awards, including 'Best DJ' at the Manchester Music Awards, and 'Best Producer' at the UK Music Awards.

They have also been featured in several documentaries and books about the Madchester scene, highlighting their importance in the genre. Krysko's impact on the Madchester scene has been significant, and their influence can be felt in many different facets of music today. Their work has helped to shape the sound of modern Madchester, while also inspiring other DJs and producers to explore new directions in their own music.

Krysko's Impact on the Scene

Krysko is a renowned Madchester DJ and producer who has made a huge impact on the local music scene. His influence is felt in the music of other artists, his collaborations with other DJs and producers, and the numerous awards he has won. Krysko has been instrumental in shaping the Madchester sound, with his unique blend of dance and indie music.

Krysko's collaborations have been numerous, working with some of the biggest names in the Madchester scene. He has collaborated with Ian Brown, Shaun Ryder, Primal Scream, and many more. Through these collaborations, Krysko has helped to introduce new sounds into the Madchester landscape. His influence has been crucial in helping to define the sound of the genre. Krysko has also been recognised for his work with numerous awards.

He has won the Best DJ award at the Manchester Music Awards three times, as well as being nominated for Best Live Act at the same ceremony. Additionally, he has won Best Producer at the Manchester Music Awards twice. These awards are testament to Krysko's standing in the Madchester scene. The Madchester sound would not be what it is today without Krysko's involvement. His unique style of mixing dance and indie music has helped to shape the genre, making it one of the most vibrant and popular scenes in modern music.

With his numerous collaborations and awards, Krysko's impact on the Madchester scene cannot be overstated.

Krysko's Music

Krysko's MusicKrysko is a well-known Madchester DJ and producer, with a prolific career spanning more than two decades. His music is best described as an eclectic blend of house, funk, soul, and garage music with a distinct Madchester edge. Krysko's discography is expansive, with releases on a variety of labels including Skint Records, Defected, and Lovejuice. He has also released several mix albums, including 'The Manchester Vibe' and '20 Years in the House'.

His latest release is his debut album 'The Return', which was released in 2020. Krysko's songwriting process involves experimentation and collaboration with other artists. He is especially known for his ability to create infectious beats and grooves that keep listeners moving. He has collaborated with a number of renowned producers, such as Mark Knight, Jeremy Sylvester, and Eats Everything. Krysko has also been involved in a number of notable releases. His collaboration with Mark Knight on 'The Return' was particularly acclaimed, reaching number one on the UK Dance chart.

He has also collaborated with a number of other artists, including dubstep duo Flux Pavilion and UK grime artist Kano. Krysko's music is best experienced live, and he regularly performs at a variety of clubs and festivals throughout the UK. His sets are always full of energy, and he never fails to get the crowd moving.

Krysko's Music

Krysko is a well-known Madchester DJ and producer who has made a name for himself in the local music scene. His discography is varied and impressive, ranging from house and techno to more experimental sounds.

His music often features samples from other genres, giving it an eclectic feel. Krysko's songwriting process is unique in that he often takes inspiration from other genres, weaving them together to create something entirely new. He has released several singles, EPs, and albums over the years, with his most notable releases including 'The Love I Never Had' and 'Invisible Walls'. Krysko's music is characterized by its fusion of styles, as well as its intricate production and use of samples.

His songs often feature uplifting melodies and catchy hooks, making them perfect for dancefloors as well as home listening. He has also been known to collaborate with other producers, creating tracks that are both innovative and accessible. Krysko has established himself as one of the leading Madchester DJs and producers, and his music has become a staple of the local music scene. His releases have been praised for their high production values and innovative soundscapes, making him a must-hear for any fan of electronic music.

Krysko's Impact on the Scene

Krysko has become an influential figure in the Madchester scene, with his music helping to shape the sound of the city.

His music has been praised by other DJs and producers, and he has collaborated with many of them. His unique blend of house, funk and disco has been particularly well received, and his tracks have been played in clubs all over the world. He has also won numerous awards for his music, including the prestigious DJ Mag ‘Best Newcomer’ award in 2017. Krysko has had a huge influence on the local music scene, inspiring many of the newer Madchester DJs and producers. He has hosted events in the city, providing a platform for new artists to showcase their talent.

His own label ‘Krysko Records’ has released several EPs and albums from a range of up-and-coming artists. He also works closely with the local radio station, Krysko FM, which offers regular programming dedicated to Madchester music. Krysko is a respected figure in the Madchester scene and his impact on the local scene cannot be overstated. His music has helped to define the sound of Madchester and he continues to inspire new generations of DJs and producers. Krysko has become a mainstay of the Madchester music scene, and is well-known for his infectious rhythms and eclectic sound. He has helped to keep the Madchester scene alive and vibrant, both through his own music and through the influence of his DJ sets.

His music continues to be a major part of the Madchester scene, and he has been involved in some of the biggest events in recent years. He is constantly looking to innovate and develop his sound, with new releases always being highly anticipated. Krysko is an artist that is sure to continue to make waves in the Madchester music scene for many years to come.

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