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If you haven't heard of Inspiral Carpets, you're missing out on a band that helped define the Madchester music scene of the 1980s and 1990s. The Inspiral Carpets were one of the pioneering groups of the “Madchester” sound, which blended indie rock, psychedelia, and dance music. They were responsible for some of the most iconic songs of the era, such as “This Is How It Feels” and “Saturn 5.”The band's sound is a mix of punk, funk, and psychedelia, and their lyrics often delve into life in Manchester. The band members draw influence from a diverse range of musical styles, which gives them an experimental edge.

They have a unique ability to blend together disparate sounds and create something that's truly their own. Inspiral Carpets are an important part of Madchester music history. Not only did they produce some great tunes but they also set the groundwork for other artists to explore different sounds. From their upbeat anthems to their more experimental work, the band showed that there was room for experimentation within the Madchester genre. If you're looking to discover more about this influential group, then read on. We'll take you through their history, their sound, and why they remain an essential part of Madchester music today. Inspiral Carpets were one of the most influential Madchester bands of the 90s.

Formed in Manchester, England in 1989, the band released five albums before splitting up in 1995. Their music was influential in the UK music scene, and they remain an important part of Madchester culture today.

The band was formed in 1989

by vocalist Stephen Holt and guitarist Graham Lambert. They were joined by drummer Craig Gill and bassist Martyn Walsh, and the original lineup was completed with keyboard player Clint Boon. The band's sound was heavily influenced by psychedelic rock and dance music, and they quickly gained a loyal following in Manchester.

The band released their debut album Life in 1991, which reached number 33 on the UK Albums Chart. Their follow-up album, The Beast Inside, was released in 1993 and was their most successful album, reaching number 10 on the UK Albums Chart. They released two more albums before disbanding in 1995.

Inspiral Carpets have been credited with helping to shape the Madchester music scene

. Their fusion of rock and dance music was a major influence on other bands in the area, such as The Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses.

They also helped to popularize the use of samples in rock music, as heard on their hit single “This Is How It Feels”. The band's influence can still be heard today in bands like The Charlatans and Oasis.

The band has also had a lasting legacy in Manchester

. After splitting up, several members went on to form other bands or pursue solo careers.

Stephen Holt formed the band Monaco with his brother Peter, while Martyn Walsh joined The Verve before embarking on a solo career. Graham Lambert went on to form Black Grape with Shaun Ryder, while Craig Gill became a session musician. Clint Boon remains active as a musician and producer, and is a member of The Inspirals tribute band.


Inspiral Carpets had a lasting impact on the Madchester scene and beyond. Their sound combined elements of psychedelia, dance music, and punk to create a unique style that was well-suited to the burgeoning rave and club culture of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

While their commercial success was limited, they remain an important part of Madchester culture today, and many of their songs have become anthems in the region. The band also had a lasting influence on other musicians. After Inspiral Carpets disbanded in 1995, some of its members went on to form new projects, such as The Boo Radleys and The Charlatans. Many of these bands were highly successful, paving the way for a new wave of Manchester-based bands in the 2000s. Additionally, several members of Inspiral Carpets pursued successful solo careers, including vocalist Tom Hingley who released several solo albums. The legacy of Inspiral Carpets is still felt today.

They remain an iconic part of Madchester culture, and their influence can be heard in many modern bands from the region. Their music has also been embraced by new generations of fans, ensuring that their legacy will continue for years to come.

Their Music

Inspiral Carpets had an instantly recognizable sound that was part of the key foundations of the Madchester scene. Combining elements of indie, dance and psychedelia, the band's unique blend of rock music was influential in the Manchester music scene of the 90s. They released five albums, all of which contained a range of different sounds.

Their singles such as 'This Is How It Feels' and 'Saturn 5' were highly acclaimed, and their live performances were both memorable and energetic. Their debut album 'Life' was released in 1990, and it immediately set them apart from other bands of the time. The album featured a combination of indie rock and dance elements, as well as psychedelic touches. The lead single 'This Is How It Feels' was a huge hit and propelled the band to fame. The band's second album 'Revenge of the Goldfish' was released in 1992. It featured a darker, more psychedelic sound than their debut. The singles 'Joe', 'Find Out Why' and 'Saturn 5' were all popular tracks, and demonstrated the band's evolution in terms of sound. The band also released two further albums - 'Devil Hopping' in 1994 and 'The Beast Inside' in 1995 - which further developed their unique Madchester sound.

Both albums featured a mixture of indie and dance influences, and showcased the band's versatility. In addition to their studio albums, Inspiral Carpets also recorded several memorable live performances over the years. Inspiral Carpets were an important part of the Madchester scene, and their influence is still felt today. Their unique blend of indie rock, dance and psychedelia created an instantly recognizable sound that continues to be appreciated by many fans around the world. Inspiral Carpets were an integral part of the Madchester movement in the 90s, influencing many other bands with their rock-dance fusion. Their music still resonates today, and their legacy lives on as an iconic part of Madchester culture.

Whether you're a fan of their music or just want to learn more about their influence, Inspiral Carpets remain one of the most important bands of the era.

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