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Since their inception in 1983, the English rock band Inspiral Carpets have been captivating audiences with their jangly, psychedelic sound. With a career spanning nearly three decades, the group has released numerous albums and singles that have come to define the Madchester genre. From the classic “This Is How It Feels” to the more recent “Head for the Sun”, we explore the albums and singles by Inspiral Carpets and discover why they remain popular to this day. Inspiral Carpets formed in Oldham, England in 1983 and quickly gained a cult following with their brand of psychedelic indie rock. Their first release was the album Life in 1990, which featured many of their early hits such as 'Saturn 5', 'This Is How It Feels' and 'Joe'.

This was followed by Revenge of the Goldfish in 1992 and Devil Hopping in 1994, which further cemented their unique sound combining elements of psychedelia and indie rock. In addition to their albums, Inspiral Carpets released several singles throughout their career with the first being 'Find Out Why' in 1989 which reached number 33 in the UK Singles Chart. Other notable singles include 'Dragging Me Down' (1991) and 'I Want You' (1994).Inspiral Carpets toured extensively throughout their career, playing shows across Europe, North America and Australia. They also appeared on the UK television show Top of the Pops for a series of live performances.

The band disbanded in 1995 but have since reformed for several reunion tours and special performances.


Inspiral Carpets released several singles throughout their career, with the most well-known being 'Find Out Why' (1989), 'Draggin Me Down' (1991) and 'I Want You' (1994). These singles marked the band's transition from their more psychedelic sound to their later Britpop-influenced rock. 'Find Out Why' was the first single to be released by Inspiral Carpets, and it set the tone for their later work. It was an upbeat, melodic track that served as a precursor to their later Britpop sound.

'Draggin Me Down' followed two years later, and featured a harder edge than their previous releases. It featured an aggressive vocal delivery and a heavier rock sound. Finally, 'I Want You' was the last single released before their hiatus in 1994. It was another upbeat track, with catchy hooks and memorable melodies.


Inspiral Carpets released three studio albums during their career: Life (1990), Revenge of the Goldfish (1992), and Devil Hopping (1994).Life, their debut album, was a critical success and gave the band their first charting single, “This is How it Feels”. The album showcased the band’s psychedelic indie rock sound, with tracks like “Joe” and “Saturn 5”.

Revenge of the Goldfish was Inspiral Carpets’ second album, released in 1992. This album featured some of the band’s most popular songs, including “She Comes in the Fall” and “Dragging Me Down”. It also featured “Generations”, which was the band’s first top ten single. The band’s final studio album, Devil Hopping, was released in 1994. The album featured the single “I Want You”, which became their highest charting single to date. The album also featured the fan favorite “This is How It Feels”, which was re-recorded for this album. Inspiral Carpets were an influential British indie rock band who released three studio albums and several singles during their career. Their unique sound gained them a cult following, and despite disbanding in 1995, they have since reunited for a series of tours and special performances, demonstrating the enduring appeal of their music. Albums such as ‘Life’ and ‘Devil Hopping’ showcased their classic psych-pop sound, while singles like ‘This Is How It Feels’ and ‘Saturn 5’ remain some of the most beloved tracks in the Inspiral Carpets' back catalog.

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